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30mm Tuxedo shaving brush with Silver Floral

30mm Tuxedo Synthetic shaving brush with Silver Floral design - New!

M60 Handle.

A Cadman Synthetic brush handmade handle turned in the M60 with the handle having the 
The Cadman Synthetic Tuxedo brushes are now available in 30mm knots the fibers on the Synthetic brushes are just amazingly soft.

The performance of this knot has the ease of lathering of the common "plisson" style synthetic with some unique differences.

The knot has a similar feel to the "game changer" with similar tips to that of the "uber soft". It seems to be almost a hybrid between the two.

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Malachite Green M55 - Tuxedo shaving brush

Another new creation form the Cadman range of shaving brushes, this one was sold in 5 mins of posting it on my platforms, it’s the M55 handle with the ever so popular 30mm Tuxedo Synthetic knot.

The loft is set ate 55mm one of my best selling brushes overtaking the Silvertips by far.

The Tuxedo knots have a huge amount of backbone that holds a tremendous amount of water

Available on pre-order through our website www.badgerandbowl.com

Other shaving brush handles are available with this colour effect.

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30mm Tuxedo

  • Brand: Cadman
  • Product Code: 30mm Tuxedo shaving brush - M60 with a Silver Floral Design
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