finest badger 27mm

L7 handle

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Beach -Sea Effect

Finest Badger 27mm shaving brush sandy blue

A Finest Badger 27mm shaving brush with a sandy colour and Blue Swirls (Beach Effect)  

This Brush is in stock and ready to go - what you see in the image is the one that's available to go.

These are the very latest designs and creations in the Cadman range shaving brushes, the Beach and Sea effect, the handle will feature a large 27mm Finest Badger hair, these Finest Badger hairs are soft with a very slight scritch with an amazing amount of backbone able to take on any challenge from hard soaps.

All the knots will be set at a 50mm lofts with the Cadman logo set in the base of the handles.

Thank you 

If you have any concerns or questions drop me a line or better still phone me at any time.


Finest Badger 28mm shaving brush

A Cadman shaving brush 28mm Two Band Finest Badger hair with a black & Silver floral design in the L7 handle - Handmade.

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