Special Editions

Special edition shaving brushes

These are the very latest designs and creations in the Cadman range of shaving brushes, the Red Carbon the Woodland the Gold Carbon and the Silver Floral all these handles will feature a TGN 26mm High Mountain White Silvertip Bader hair the TGN grade A Silvertips and also my regular Silvertips, all the Special Edition Brushes will also feature the Finest Badger hairs from TGN and some Synthetics shaving brushes will also be featured in the Special Edition range. 

High Mountain White Badger hair Knot. The rarest of badger hair from the high mountains of China. The creme de la creme of badger hair. Long white tips, extremely soft natural hair, well packed with extra hair.

I strongly recommend watching the intro video on these brushes where you will see some of the first designs.

Please note that the High Mountain Knots are subject to availability and may have to be ordered after you have placed the order with us, please be aware of this is it can take around 28 days for the brush to be completed.

Thank you 

 Mervyn Cadman

If you have any concerns or questions drop me a line or better still phone me at any time.




£50 Note L7 24mm Silvertip-A

£50 Note L7 24mm Silvertip-A

£50 note shaving brush24mm TGN knot grade A L7 Handle Shaving Brush The very popular&..



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