£50 Note effect with the L7 handle

  • Brand: Cadman
  • Product Code: L7 24mm Silvertip-A
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  • £150.00
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24mm Silvertip Grade A TGN

£50 Note L7 24mm Silvertip-A

£50 note shaving brush

24mm TGN knot grade A 

L7 Handle Shaving Brush 

The very popular Cadman L7 handle featuring the TGN grade A Silvertip 

The Hair type is three band TGN Silvertip it has plenty of backbone to the hair and softness that's incredibly soft. 

This brush is available with many other hair options sizes and effects within the handle design. 

Loft 50mm 

Need to make some changes to this please contact me 


Regards Mervyn

Money Effect Shaving Brushes

Latest in the Cadman range of shaving brushes, £50 notes - $100 Bills - 500 Euro notes in various style handles - High Mountain White Manchurian Silvertips - Finest Badger and Silvertips grade A's.

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